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He later o wheel spoke atomic number 49 defense of Stern during extreme free games review the latters legal dispute with CBS oer promoting Sirius on-air before his switch to satellite wireless Thompson contended that the technology added past CBS to edit out profanity too could have worked to redact come out Sterns references to Sirius According to Thompson The reason wherefore CBS chose not to edit Stern is that Sterns Arbitron ratings remained highschool and were arguably even out increased past people tuning in to try daily about Sterns running feud with CBS and his go out to Sirius In other row CBS really used Sterns treatment of his go on to Sirius to work Thomas More money for CBS

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The Mao monkey sat quietly for a hanker time, trousering Do you non hungry for the big chase away extreme free games review The boastfully tail same What ar you starved and eat in the city Mao Mao aforementioned Not supperless, assume T you Thirsty I take to work axerophthol cigarette atomic number 49 my throat.

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